SfE Travel Fund

On the General Assembly 2010, it was decided that DNS would spend 20,000 DKK yearly on a Travel Fund.  


The purpose of the Travel Fund is to support:

  • Active participation in a conference where the applicant presents a poster or is chosen to do an oral presentation
  • A research stay or trip in relation to the applicant’s Bachelor or Master thesis where project work is conducted, i.e. data collection, analysis or training in methods
  • Exchange or a period studying abroad as part of an education programme

If you are in doubt about the relevance of your activity, you may contact DNS through the email rejsefond@sfe.dk

The applicant must fulfil the following three requirements to be considered as a recipient of a grant from the Travel Fund:

  • The applicant must be a member of Danish Nutrition Society
  • The applicant must be a student (have yet to complete a Master degree at time of applying)
  • The application must be of a nutrition relevant topic


Two grants of 5,000 DKK each will be awarded twice a year. Deadline for grant applications are 1st of April and 1st of October.

The recipients of the Travel Fund grants will be published on the webpage of DNS and contacted through email.

Recipients of the Travel Fund grant may/will be asked to present their research project or findings at DNS Travel Night placed in the third Thursday of January each year. 


The application to the Travel Fund must contain:

  • Motivational letter (maximum one page)
  • Abstract (maximum one page)
  • Budget
  • Letter of recommendation from thesis supervisor


Applications can be sumbitted on the email rejsefond@sfe.dk


Former recipients


  • Michelle Steenvoorden (Conference participation)
  • Bruno Cirillo (internship in Tanzania)


  • Hanne Pedersen (research stay, University of Leeds)
  • Dorit Erichsen (Master at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London)
  • Simon Rønnow Schacht (Participation in conference with poster presentation, The Power of Rye, Finland)
  • Tina Bowley (internship, OPTIMAT project “specific project fostering sustainable dietary habits through school meals”)


  •  Lise Egholt Søgaard (field work in Tanzania)
  •  Ashraf Khosravi (internship FAO)
  •  Lene Meldgaard Lerche (Conference, poster presentation, International Agency for Research on Cancer conference)


  •  Anja Maria Homann (field work, Kenya)
  •  Mette Pagter (European Nutrition Conference, FENS)
  •  Anne-Ditte Termannsen