Become a member of Danish Nutrition Society

Members of DNS will receive newsletters on email about events and meetings, and will have the possibility of attending certain events at lower prices - i.e. the annual 'Temamøde' in spring.

Danish Nutrition Society is run by the Board on a voluntary basis. Meetings and other events are financed by membership contingents and sponsorships.


The annual membership contingent is determined each year at the General Assemly. The contingent is currently set at:

  • Personal membership: 250 DKK
  • Student / retiree membership: 150 DKK (first year is free of charge)
  • Institution membership: 1000 DKK
  • Company membership: 2500 DKK

Fill out the formula to sign up as a member of DNS. You will receive confirmation of your membership on email within a few days. 

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