SfE Travel grants






Deadline for application is twice a year

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SfE annually awards two travel grants, each of 5,000 DKK –

deadlines for applications are the 1st of May and 1st of November at 12.00 (noon)


We support:

  • Active participation in nutrition-related conferences
  • Research stay in relation to the applicant’s bachelor-, master-, or PhD-project within a nutrition-related field, where project work is conducted, e.g., data collection, analysis, or training in methods
  • Participation in nutrition-related courses/ Summer schools/ Winter schools where ETCS point are received (e.g., Nordic Nutrition Summer Symposium)
  • Exchange stays abroad as part of an educational program within a nutrition-related field


Requirements for being considered eligible for a travel grant:

  • You have to be a member of SfE (Become a member here)
  • You have to be a bachelor-, master-, or PhD-student 
  • The application must be of a nutrition-related topic
  • For support to conference participation, the applicant has to present a poster or be selected for an oral presentation
  • The travel grant must be spend within 12 months after the application deadline


How to apply:

Please send your application to sfe@sfe.dk

The application must contain the following documents compiled in one PDF-file:

  1. A motivated application (max. 1 page)
  2. CV (max. 2 pages)
  3. Budget (for conference participation/ research stay/exchange stay abroad/ course participation)
  4. Documentation for participation, e.g., a confirmation from the conference or course organizer/ the hosting research institution and/or a statement from your supervisor


How will I receive the answer:

  • SfE will notify the applicants per e-mail ultimo the same month as the application deadline
  • A potential rejection will not be elaborated   
  • The names of the awardees will be announced on the webpage of SfE and via social media 



Former grant recipients



Katrine Sidenius Duus (Presentation at the 16th European Public Health Conference 2023, Dublin)



Anne Vedelsdal Aurup (Participation at the Nordic Nutrition Sumposium, Helsinki)



No grants given due to Covid-19



  • Caroline Moos (Presentation at the conference UEG week [United European Gastroenterology], Barcelona)
  • Katrine Sidenius Duus (Presentation at the conference UEG week [United European Gastroenterology], Barcelona)



  • Michelle Steenvoorden (Conference participation)
  • Bruno Cirillo (Internship in Tanzania)


  • Hanne Pedersen (research stay, University of Leeds)
  • Dorit Erichsen (Master at The London School of Hygiene & Tropical Medicine, London)
  • Simon Rønnow Schacht (Participation in conference with poster presentation, The Power of Rye, Finland)
  • Tina Bowley (internship, OPTIMAT project “specific project fostering sustainable dietary habits through school meals”)



  • Lise Egholt Søgaard (field work in Tanzania)
  • Ashraf Khosravi (internship FAO)
  • Lene Meldgaard Lerche (Conference, poster presentation, International Agency for Research on Cancer conference)



  • Anja Maria Homann (field work, Kenya)
  • Mette Pagter (European Nutrition Conference, FENS)
  • Anne-Ditte Termannsen